Strategic Planning

Negotiating banking relationships – A lending institution requires financial statements, accounts receivable aging and tax returns, but the real source of banking approval comes from providing the strongest financial analysis, decision support and presentation materials that can best explain your business, your industry, and the need for a working capital injection or line of credit. A strong presentation is required to secure the correct relationship, regardless of whether you are negotiating the first time for a line of credit renewal or regarding a change in business that requires a review of your banking relationship. In all cases, you need a partner who can present your case in the best possible light.

CFO 360 has successfully negotiated lines of credit from under $100,000 to multimillion dollars for recapitalization without overburdening covenant compliance. We provide the same kind of analysis and understanding to obtain funding for capital investments that are expected to generate long-term returns.

Evaluation of financial and operating systems – At the core of any successful business is the quality of available data. This depends on the quality of the financial and operating system. Without accurate information and analysis, assumptions can be misleading. CFO 360 has conducted many full assessments of specific IT system needs in relation to industry standards and future growth planning. This encompasses interviewing potential providers, negotiating IT contracts, chairing the installation team, organizing training and administering the final product. In many organizations, the time it takes to thoroughly handle each aspect of this process internally can be overwhelming. This is where skilled third party assistance is invaluable.