Your accounting staff and CPA are invaluable to your business, but they’re only two legs of a three-legged stool. Without the right financial analysis, strategies and understanding, your invoices may get paid, but you won’t be able to make the right decisions to most successfully and efficiently solve problems, cut costs and bring your business to the next level. Additionally, mistakes and missed opportunities are more likely to occur. How will your business look with staffing changes, mergers, or a new software system? If your profits are fluctuating, do you have someone on staff to explain why and how to use that information?


Financial statements alone are not always the best source for judging the health of the business or projecting a trend. They are complex tools to be used along with other available data to be distilled and analyzed in reaching optimal answers. For example, your profit and loss statement and balance sheet may show a profit, but unless you look deeper, you’re making decisions based on a snapshot instead of a full-length movie. Case in point: Reducing head count is not always the best solution unless the decision is made in conjunction with a capacity analysis (including revenue stream analysis), aligning resources with business objectives. You need an unbiased third party to interpret and explain what the data is accurately indicating and the full impact it will have on your business.


Affordable Solution for Small to Mid-Sized Firms

Every company, regardless of size, can benefit greatly from the services of a Chief Financial Officer. However, many small and mid-size businesses lack the necessary budget to add a full time CFO to staff. That places the burden of protecting the corporate assets directly on the owners. The problem is that most business owners lack the financial expertise and time to handle such responsibilities. This is why the Wall Street Journal and many other business publications are touting the advantages of outsourced CFO services, which are far less costly than hiring a full-time CFO.


Dwindling profit margins and pressures from the evolving industry and economic environment require a true understanding of the financial effect on each aspect of your business. The slightest change in net profit percentage can have a large impact, requiring immediate action and long range planning. Positive trends need to be capitalized; negative influences need to be redirected. A CFO is skilled at balancing historic client and industry data for benchmarking and perspective, with current data for real time measurement. This data is combined with projections to reach goals. Our approach to your business is circular. We interface with every part of your operation, analyzing and initiating action to ensure profitability and cost efficiency everywhere. Our 360-degree focus ensures a fluid operation in which all elements support each other and cycle forward seamlessly


Experience, Ethics, Flexibility & Service

CFO 360 president Bob Pantaliano is a seasoned, ethical and highly-recommended CFO with more than 25 years experience. He launched CFO 360 to give a competitive leg-up to small and mid-sized companies that can’t afford an on-staff CFO. Pantaliano’s professional financial and operational counsel comes from years of first-hand experience strategically managing CFO and COO functions. Each company requires a unique plan and each challenge requires a customized solution. We have extensive experience tailoring our work with organizations in the service, non-profit and manufacturing sectors. CFO 360 provides the flexibility to operate on a project or retainer basis, onsite or remotely, spending as much time as mutually agreed upon for any selection of services, to best meet client needs.  We do so with integrity, by stating our fees, timing and expectations at the outset and working in a highly collaborative manner with our clients. In fact, our level of service is so high, that we limit the number and types of assignments we accept to provide the highest level of professional attention and service.